The Program


This program was created to teach adults and teens about anxiety, what it looks and feels like.  Anxiety can present itself in so many different ways. People with anxiety can talk a lot, be quiet and anti-social, short tempered, low self esteem, rude, lazy, or immature.  People suffering from anxiety have a hard time reaching out for help because they are so afraid of judgement from their family, friends, and teachers. With the information provided in this program, I am hopeful that those who go through the steps will be more empathetic and compassionate towards people suffering from anxiety. I seek to instigate a discussion on anxiety and eliminate the stigmas and stereotypes so that people with anxiety can feel comfortable asking for help. This is an easy program that can take as little as 30 minutes.  


This program only has four steps:

›      First, students will fill out the pre-survey. This will help you and us to find out what your class or group already knows about anxiety.

›      The second step is to watch the videos and educate the students on anxiety.

›      After each video, start a discussion using the attached talking points.  The talking points have the answers to most questions the group will ask.

›      The fourth and final step is the survey. This is to find out what they learned from the videos and discussions, as well as determine if they think this program is beneficial. 

Why I Created This Program

I created this program because I suffer from social and generalized anxiety. My wish is to help teens understand anxiety disorders, the difference between feeling anxious and having a disorder, and how to help those suffering as well as how to help yourself. I would also like to teach others to have empathy for those who suffer from anxiety and other mental health issues.

I have been a Girl Scout since kindergarten and it is the best organization for girls like me.  It creates a safe space to create and explore.  This program is my Girl Scout Gold Award project, which is the highest award you can receive in the organization.  I was paired with a mentor in my community and we worked together for four years to develop a measurable and sustainable project that will affect my community.  I have grown so much as a person, girl, and advocate by doing this project.  My goal is to partner my mission with national organizations like Mental Health First Aid, Born This Way Foundation and The Mighty!


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